A Very Kelly Christmas: Kelly Clarkson’s Wrapped In Red

Jansen Trahan

Kelly Clarkson is having one hell of a holiday season. The original American Idol wed Brandon Blackstock, the stepson of country legend and Kenan Thompson look-alike Reba McEntire, on October 20th. The ceremony was held at Blackberry Farm in Walland, Tennessee, and Kelly was way above the legal limit of flawlessness. Like, more criminal than From Justin to Kelly.

Like, this is nauseatingly perfect.

This is nauseatingly perfect.

If there’s one thing I love more than fairytale weddings, it’s Taco Bell. And if there’s one thing I love just as much as Taco Bell, it’s Christmas. AND KELLY CLARKSON HAS RELEASED A CHRISTMAS ALBUM.

I know most people won’t listen to Christmas music until the month of December (and some Scrooges not until Christmas Eve, but these are a dying breed). I, on the other hand, follow no rules when it comes to holiday music. The agony of midterm season drove me to hit play on my Ludachristmas playlist a week before Halloween, and it’s been a Winter Wonderland in my room ever since.

Ludachristmas is comprised of what I reckon to be the modern Christmas classics: Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, N*SYNC, Hanson, and this one song Britney recorded once. I was skeptical about adding any newbies to the roster, but when Kelly Clarkson’s Wrapped In Red was released on October 25th, I took a risk, took a chance, made a change, and purchased it.



AND BOY DID KELLY DELIVER (THE CHRISTMAS PUNS ARE JUST BEGINNING, HUMANS). Honestly, I’ve always been just a casual Kellebrity (I Googled what Kelly’s fans call themselves, and I think this could use some work), but Wrapped In Red has convinced me once and for all that Kelly is truly a GIFTed artist.

Christmas Kelly SLEIGHS our favorite holiday classics with her fearless soprano pipes, including an a capella rendition of “Silent Night” featuring Trisha Yearwood and Kenan Thompson (or maybe Reba McEntire?) Where Kelly really shines, though, is in the album’s original songs. I’ll admit, new holiday songs make me unnaturally nervous, but KC’s might as well have been in the Christmas Canon for decades. “Winter Dreams (Brandon’s Song)” is a beautifully earnest tribute to her new husband, and the undeniable title track “Wrapped In Red” incorporates a ’60s-era doo-wop beat and bells. According to Kelly herself, the song was inspired by the film Love, Actually (and now I’m in love, actually, with Kelly Clarkson).

The high point of Wrapped In Red is indisputably “Underneath the Tree.” I kid you not, this song is of the same caliber as Mariah Carey’s perpetually perfect “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” and has the potential to be just as big.

So if you feel as disgusting as I currently do about life, break out that holiday playlist and make it complete with Wrapped In Red. Or if it’s still just too early for you, enjoy the soothing sounds of your non-existent Thanksgiving tunes while I drown myself in Pumpkin Spice Lattes and research papers.

Kelly Clarkson’s Wrapped In Red is available now on iTunes.


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