Step Aside Disneyland, I’ve Uncovered the New “Happiest Place on Earth”

Samah Dada

CalTV Entertainment

Most people find Disneyland to be “the Happiest Place on Earth.”


I’d like to respectfully disagree.

The reason for my respectful disagreement is simply my firm belief in the fact that there is a place which establishes itself as greater than magical rides and $6 water bottles.

I am speaking of none other than the wonderful Whole Foods Market.


A grocery store? She likes a grocery store more than Disneyland? I know you’re on the verge of calling me crazy right now, and I give you a full license to do so. But before you start hurling names at me, read on.

So why is Whole Foods so..beautiful? Well, just think about it. What do they not carry? You’ve got your staple groceries: fruits, vegetables, dairy products (and non-dairy for all you almond milk lovers like me). You’ve got the snack foods; the chips, popcorn, crackers, granola bars. Worried about vitamin deficiencies? They’ve got you covered with the health foods and supplement aisles. A meat counter. A cheese counter. A bakery. A freezer section completely dedicated to lazy people and college students (definitely not mutually exclusive) – chock FULL of microwavable yet somehow gourmet looking (and probably organic) meals.

And my personal favorite…the hot and cold food bars. Grab dinner, lunch, breakfast, or even a snack while you’re shopping and sit outside on their lovely patio area (complete with a coffee bar and heaters) to revel in your newly purchased items and to inhale your delicious meal (it’s that good, trust me).


Calling themselves “America’s Healthiest Grocery Store,” Whole Foods does NOT disappoint. While many complain about the price of the produce and general items, I am a firm believer in the fact that you get what you pay for. The quality of everything in Whole Foods is fantastic – and you don’t have to be purchasing organic apples to have this ring true. Every item is made with high quality and often organic ingredients, helping you to feel good about what you’re consuming.

I’ve yet to step foot into Whole Foods without feeling a surge of happiness and exhilaration, and yet to step out without feeling accomplished, full, and rejuvenated (Okay, maybe I am crazy). All I’m saying is that this grocery store has everything, and I mean everything that you will ever need or want. And Mickey Mouse has got nothing on that.

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