Vine Addiction

With only six weeks left of school stress, distress, and bad dress is becoming the norm. The second wave of midterms hit harder than ever before and finals are just waiting to be unleashed. Thankfully, there is a new form of mechanism to deal with such overwhelming times; it is called Vine!

Vine app, is a popular Android and Apple application that was released last fall of 2012. If you have yet to download it, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

Probably one of the funnest apps every created in Apple and Android history, Vine allows users to create six second videos with the added feature of stop and record with the touch of finger. Vine started as a new form of video making that not only allows users to create short movie-like clips, but has now reached heights as it has become the central app for comedy videos.

Its popularity rose early this year as celebrities like Jodie “Riff Raff” Highroller, Andy Milonakis, and many others became vine famous with less than 100,000 likes per video, but its popularity has recently skyrocketed as new upcoming comedians and everyday users are created some of the funniest videos.

Vine not only is at the reach of your finger tips, but it literally brightens up your day. With over 40 million users and with their focus on making funny videos, Vine is the app to go to if you need a break from studying, if you just got dumped, if you are waiting at the bus stop, or if you ever get the urge to kill someone.

Thanks to its recently added feature of ‘Revine’, which allows for users to not only like posts, but also re-post them with a click of a button, the funniest of the funniest videos get to your timeline.

Some of my personal favorites include Brittany Furlan, who I would otherwise not known had she never had the opportunity to make a Vine.

Another hilarious and uber gorgeous female whose comedic side would have otherwise remained hidden is actress and model, Arielle Vanderberg.

For the males, I absolutely love comedians and users like Klarity, David Lopez, Simon Rex who actually does not really use Vine anymore but I miss him, and many more.

Check them out!

Diana Lopez


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