City of Angels


I spent my weekend back at home in good ‘ol Los Angeles! Spending hours stuck in LA’s wonderfully terrible traffic, I had the chance to take in the beauty of the city that I’ve missed oh so much these last couple of months. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Berkeley but there’s nothing like home! Any other Los Angelinos agree? Anyways, just in time for my trip back home, 30 Seconds to Mars released a short film for “City of Angels” off their most recent album Love, Lust, Faith, and Dreams. Check it out below:

This short film was directed by none other than 30STM’s frontman Jared Leto! Jared isn’t new to directing music videos, as much of his work has gone on to be nominated for various awards. City of Angels” pays homage to Los Angeles and features short monologues by both celebrities and non-celebrities alike. The interlacing of experiences of celebrities, including Kanye West and Lindsay Lohan, and those still hoping to find their big break, creates an interesting dynamic throughout the entire video. The video gives us a raw look at what it really means to follow your dreams in a city like Los Angeles, and really just following your dreams in general. Not even going to lie, watching this got me a tad bit emotional…

Of course, Los Angeles isn’t the only place you can go off to follow your dreams… We have San Francisco right across The Bay. I’ll leave you with a nice quote made by James Franco in the video, “If this is the only life, then why [are you] not doing everything that [you] want to do?” What are you doing still reading this? GO OFF INTO THE WORLD AND MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!


Gaby Andrada


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