Fall Tunes.

My favorite season is upon us. The leaves are changing (although we’re in California and seasons aren’t really a thing), the air is crisp and for some reason it is a season to be nostalgic. This is the season where I love to throw on a sweater, go for a walk by myself, and listen to classic folk music. To get you through this beautiful season I’ve composed a playlist of modern classics, with a few originals thrown in. Now pour yourself some cider and breath in that crisp air and guitar….

1. “Such Great Heights” Iron and Wine

2. “White Winter Hymnal” Fleet Foxes

3. “Candles” Daughter

4. “Let Her Go” Passenger

5. “Holocene” Bon Iver  (My tribute to home-Wisconsin represent)

6. “Apartment” Young the Giant

7. “Homeward Bound” Simon and Garfunkel

8. “The Boxer” Mumford and Sons

9. “The Lakehouse” Monsters and Men

10. “Simple as This” Jake Bugg

11. “Atlas Hands” Benhamin Francis Leftwich

12. “The Wild Hunt” The Tallest Man on Earth

13. “Wide Eyes” Local Natives

14. “Sleeping Sickness” City and Colour

15 “Big Black Car” Gregory Alan Isakov






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