wEeKly bEaTz SpOOOOky edizione


I seriously love Halloween. I love everything about it. The candy, the costumes, the creepy feeling that someone is watching you all of the time. It is seriously the best. Some one once said that Halloween is for “ Children and sluts” but little do they know that I am neither of those and yet I still love it.

Picture 4                        Seriously?                                                                Picture 2

What I also love about Halloween is the music that goes with it. When is it truly acceptable be playing the monster mash? And like who doesn’t fuckin love the monster mash!? I put a spell on you? Honestly only works during the witching days which today is one of those.

So whether you are carving pumpkins or getting undressed for you Halloween party ( and yes I say undressed because this is the day where you can wear practically nothing and have it be politically acceptable)

http://songza.com/ and click on the Halloween link.

We are talking everything from creepy synthetic sounds to some of the classics

1.)   Monster Mash- Bobby Picket

2.)   Thriller ( obvi)- MJ

3.)   Somebody’s Watching me- Rockwell

4.)   Don’t Fear the Reaper ( a classic in gen)- Blue Oyster Cult

5.)   The Time Warp- Rocky Horror Picture Show

6.)   This Is Halloween- Nightmare before Christmas

7.)   The Adams Family Song

8.)   And My all time favorite


Have a spooky good night yall


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