Chris Lilley Reprises His Role as Ja’Mie for New Show

Ja'Mie King

Ja’Mie King

These are troubled times.  Politicians can’t seem to properly run our government.  Our childrens’ role models are cutting off their hair and twerking in front of millions of people. In this dire situation, one thing is clear: the people need a leader.

They need someone who will advocate for minorities.


Someone who will focus on the important medical issues of our time.

A religious leader.


They need someone who’s not afraid to speak the truth.


They need Ja’Mie King.

And, just in time, Ja’Mie is back with a whole new series, Ja’Mie: Private School Girl.


Chris Lilley, master impressionist and the genius behind Ja’Mie’s character from Summer Heights High, has once again brought the  private school prima donna to the screen with his new comedy series on HBO. If you are unaware of Chris Lilley and his abilities, I would suggest that you watch clips of him playing a campy drama teacher, a controlling Asian mother and just about everything in between.

In his previous projects, including the aforementioned Summer Heights High, as well as shows like Angry Boys and We Can Be Heroes, Lilley was able to seamlessly move between impressions, portraying females and males with remarkable precision and wit. While Lilley clearly relies on stereotypes, often to the point of absurdity, there is always a little truth in his vision, which is part of his genius.

And how does Private School Girl compare? Lilley is certainly convincing in his portrayal of the rich, popular Ja’Mie. It’s actually a little bit scary sometimes.  Often, one forgets that it’s Lilley behind the makeup and brown wig (until the camera zooms out and you notice the height difference).

But part of Lilley’s brilliance has always been that he’s so good at depicting a multitude of different characters. Private school Girl, in contrast, only follows the life of Jam’Mie, and in the process loses some of the energy of Lilley’s previous works.

Of course, there strengths and weaknesses to sticking with one impression. In Private School Girl, we really do get to see all sides of Ja’Mie. Some, like Guardian blogger Rob Moran, say that the focus on Ja’Mie’s meanness, which made her so popular, is actually fatiguing. Chris Lilley argues in Ja’Mie’s favor, saying that, although she is mean, there is something genuinely intriguing about her meanness that audiences just love.

Either way, Ja’Mie is here. And she has never really cared for the haters.


Make sure to check out Ja’Mie King: Private School Girl, now on HBO!

Also, for Cal Students who are also fans of Ja’Mie, make sure you come and check out Superb’s event with Chris Lilley on November 5th. Ja’Mie will be there looking hotter than ever.

By Grant Genske

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