Yeezus Tour

Yeezy season has at last approached us and is well on its early stages.

Last night Kanye West took the stage at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, Ca for his second concert of the Yeezus Tour. I was one of the very unfortunate individuals whose prayers were not answered and was not blessed with our father’s presence.

However, I was blessed with a bombardment of videos, pictures, tweets, and links through every single one of my social networks of the holiness that took place as Kanye took the stage for the second time drenched in custom made Maison Martin Margiela fits.


Instagram: effujordan80

Being one of the first celebrities to step out in a Margiela face mask back in his Atlantic City concert in 2012, Kanye not only brought back one crystal clear mask, but three additional ones as well! The Margiela mask, released in the autumn of 2012 collection, will without a doubt soon become a must have accessory as the Yeezus Tour sweeps the states.

Yet, more impressive is the fact that Yeezy’s wardrobe was supplied entirely and exclusively by Maison Martin Margiela and, of course, given some intake from friend/art director, Virgil Abloh, Kanye’s fits were beyond the realm of this world. Not exactly, but the street wear look Kanye is taking to the rest of the eighteen cities in his tour is not the average jeans and sneakers look. In fact, Kanye specifically brought out his Red October Air Yeezy 2’s before they have even been released!


Instagram: Oyepam

Aside from Kanye’s wardrobe, the overall concert is magnificent in itself. The magic of lights, stairs, a hill, and screen visuals curated by his DONDA team, is beyond the ability to describe in words. On top of the obscure shapes and lighting on stage, he also brought out an actor dressed as Jesus much like the christian religion does for plays, as Yeezy clarified. This stunt has actually been done before by another rapper, the Game, at his House of Blues concert for his freshly released ‘Jesus Piece’ album in December of 2012, but it definitely did not receive as much attention as has Kanye West.

The tour is expected to continue through Los Angeles on the 26th and 28th of this month. After it will take flight to Salt Lake City, Utah and sixteen other cities. According to Virgil Abloh’s tweet, “All visuals are temporary”, so there might be a change of visual direction at any point in the tour. As for now all we can do is cry and feel sorry for ourselves as we scroll through Instagram and Twitter to second-handly experience this Yeezy Season.

Diana Lopez


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