Are you down with Katy’s new sound?


The latter half of 2013 has proven to be the breeding ground for pop music comebacks! We’ve had Miley Cyrus rock the charts (and tabloids…) with her new album Bangerz, Lady Gaga tease her forthcoming Euro-inspired album Artpop, and Britney Spear’s announce the title of her eighth studio album Britney Jean. No stranger to the pop-scene, Katy Perry is also throwing herself into the race for the title of Pop-Princess with the release of her third album, Prism. Katy Perry has definitely proven herself as a force to be reckoned with in the pop music world with her last album, Teenage Dream, boasting an impressive five #1 singles. While Teenage Dream was nearly inescapable during 2010, 2011, and even some of 2012, it only solidified Katy’s status as a singles artist. Prism‘s leading single, Roar, shot to the top of the charts and introduced a new look and sound for the pop star. Setting aside her colorful wigs and candy-covered costumes, Katy is ushering her fans into a new era. Will Prism be the album that proves Katy can not only dominate radio with her singles, but also put together a solid and cohesive pop album? 

Of course, being the pop-music lover that I am, I could not resist taking a listen to the album and answering that question for myself. While Teenage Dream was chock full of generic bubble-gum pop hits, Prism finds itself channeling a 90’s contemporary pop sound with more ballads than we’ve seen from Katy before. Katy’s background as a Christian gospel singer also seems to be making its way into this album. While this is a lot more personal than her previous albums, it is definitely not lacking in potential radio hits. With projected sales of over 500k, Prism is sure to smash both the album and singles charts. Katy has finally found a sound all her own and has successfully put together an album that flows.

All that being said, I definitely suggest listening to the album for yourself. Prism is set to drop this Tuesday, October 22, and it now streaming in full on her website ( Check out some of my favorite tracks below!

Until next time,

Gaby Andrada

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