Do you think these are over the top? “I do!”

For those of you who haven’t heard, the bar for the perfect marriage proposal was raised this week to a level that will never be topped. One beyond ridiculously attractive couple agreed to tie the knot in the world’s most elaborate, expensive, and dramatic way the groom could have planned (for those who haven’t seen, here’s the link)

let’s debrief: 1 radio announcement, 2 music videos, one flash mob, 1 high action movie trailer, a montage of endearing memories, and of course all family present. lyke wut? He’s possibly the most well connected guy in LA.

The blogs and buzzfeeds were saying how all men should take note because this is the way to your woman’s heart. But since when have over the top marriage proposals become a thing? Hundreds of videos on YouTube compete for the best one, each boasting their creativity and grandeur. I don’t want to speak on behalf of everyone, but since when is that what women want? My boyfriend (who currently is non-existent) doesn’t need CGI effects and a boy-band cover music video- but maybe this is the expectation now? Maybe the way to your girlfriend’s heart is now $$ and bravado. For now I won’t complain because as ridiculous as they may be, they are super entertaining to watch (also, who wants millions watching? #uglycry)
Let’s take a look at how these couples said “yes”and the lengths they went to

This guy clearly spent time planning this proposal, and it is personal and grand. No crowds watching, no special effects. Classic.

Props to this guy for asking the dad. Movie camera and only one theatre rental and 6 minutes of air time.

This has got to be my personal favorite (and I’m not even a mushy person, I’m actually confused as to how I picked this blog topic). The couple seems hip (they’re from Oregon), they kept it close to home, included all  of their favorite people right in their background (including a marching band) and didn’t need to catch her off guard. Bravo

If you were to ask me (which I am no expert by any means) there’s no need for the production. But as long as there’s YouTube, there will be proposal competition, sadly. The fad probably won’t fizzle out anytime soon so we might as well rack up the YouTube views and remember that my parents got engaged in a pizza bar.



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