Disney on Ice… Not gonna lie cried a little

Usually ABJ ain’t much of a Disney Fan.

Obviously like most girls growing up in 90s America, I dressed up as snow white for Halloween, collected disney themed plates from McDonalds, swam with my legs pushed together to imitate Ariel, owned all of the different VHS’s and there weird spin off editions ( like did no one else also watch Beauty and the beast 2? That shit was SO scary). But that was in the past and at about age 11 I gave up on hope of flying to Neverland. As time went on we became too old to watch lilo and stitch or whatever Disney films came out after the age of 10 and then as I got even older, it seemed that Disney really slowed down on the princess scale ( I think the only one made after 98 was the Princess and the Frog which I have yet to see). When college came around and in my media studies class we learned the disgusting hegemonic motivations behind the Disney films: the racism, the sexism that was meant to warp our young minds to follow certain social norms. Now as I sat there at the Disney on Ice performance watching the little girls dance around like I did 15 years ago, I can’t help but wonder if years from now they will learn to act like hopeless sleeping beauty or end up at a school like Berkeley where the anti-Disney sentiment may run deep within academic liberal institutions.

Regardless of my underpinning feminist self screaming within my head “Look away! Don’t support the Prince Erics of the world!” I couldn’t help but to dive into a path of incredible nostalgia. Like I totally forgot that I knew all of the words to the little mermaid and obviously have not forgotten about the Lion King. It was a time warp and my 5 year old self smiled and I cringed up with a bit of guiltiness- I gave in and It made the experience great.


So I have attached one of the songs that I completely forgot about that is really a classic.


Much Love



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