Cyrus and Castration

With the recent perilous behavior of Miley Cyrus, one might not be as surprised that the subject of castration and her music are relatable. Then again, if you’re not as clued in to content of the recent videos, music award performances and movies, some might consider you lucky. Either way, I will embark on a tender discussion about the influence of Miley Cyrus’s entertainment footprint.

Risk. If you’re passionate, that’s what it is all about. To grow as a performer, you have to take risks. Please note the difference between risk and risky behavior.

But how much would you risk for something you’re passionate about? In the 18th century, some boys would be castrated so they preserved the vocal range of prepubescence and have crazy lungpower. To do something so irreversible without the guarantee of becoming successful takes a lot of risk.

(not actually a castrati performer, but just for an idea)

Miley Cyrus’s new repetition is irreversible and evident in her work. She appeared this past weekend on Saturday Night Live, and did a marvelous job. As she made fun of herself and allowed other cast members to do so, she displayed humility.

Sure, her content isn’t appropriate. But, she is taking risks just like other performers, doctors, mothers, and students are everyday.

-Sarah Stoker


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