Cal Attire for Our SoCal Game

cal Having a hard time keeping your eyes open and it’s just the middle of the week? Do not fear, road trip weekend is here! But if you are still having trouble picking out an outfit that will completely stunt the opposing team’s fans, I have assembled some essential garments that you must not go without…

jersey First, if you can actually afford a Cal Jersey, nothing would beat an outfit composed by an oversized jersey. The oversized jersey has been flooding fashion blogs over summer and has become the fall necessity, with brands such as Joy Rich and Pyrex clothing designing their own versions. This can be rocked as a dress, over jeans, or leggings and completed with a Cal Snapback to complete the sporty look.

But, since you will be in the Pasadena heat, tailgating on black pavement most of Saturday, make sure to dress fresh and wear comfortable shoes.


Shorts are a given. Every gal out there will bewearing shorts, but if you wish to give this look a twist, you can definitely do that with some high waisted shorts and a cute crop top or a cut out tee.

Make sure to always accessorize regardless of what you wear even it is not Cal gear. Anything from socks to beanies and water tattoos will identify you as a California Golden Bear, and trust you do not want to be confused for a baby bear.

But of course the ultimate way to make your Bear presence known a midst all the baby bears, or Bruins, is simply via school spirit. So make sure you are out there dancing your butt off at the tailgate and chanting your lungs out at the game!

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