Attack on Titan

I’m no anime guru but this show is threatening to convert me entirely. It’s set in a sort of Bavarian (Medieval) Germany where humanity is forced to live within three huge stone walls after the sudden and inexplicable appearance of Titans on earth (which would be totally cool if they didn’t eat humans en masse). This story is basically David and Goliath on crack, but instead of a sling shot and stones, soldiers who decide to try and fight these herculean beings use what is referred to as 3-d Maneuver Gear –which are these projectile grappling hooks attached to both legs –and swords. This equipment basically gives every soldier Spiderman-esque abilities without the nylon onesie ridiculousness. If you’re into superheroes or fantasy, action or drama with a dash of comedic relief you will love this show! The best part is, if you finish season one (which you can stream for free at then you can continue the story by reading the Japanese manga it’s based on: SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN. You can also just wait until the creators decide to make the second season–which is highly likely considering the shows commercial success, yet not confirmed. There is also a video game and live action movie adaptation of Attack on Titan you can check out in addition to the manga. If you’re a fan of good television this show is a MUST SEE!


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