The end of an era – the end of Breaking Bad

With the start of the new school year there is a lot of movement and change. For myself there was the physical movement into my new house, and the even bigger change of having a TV for the first time since high school. When fall shows start up, having a TV is almost more of a burden than a luxury- and for a newbie when it comes to DVR I was just overwhelmed. Last Sunday was a difficult day. The second season of Homeland was premiering, but not only that, an era came to an end. Yes. Last Sunday was the series finale of Breaking Bad.



The finale was one for the ages. It was so satisfying and yet so unapologetic. Director Vince Gilligan managed to turn a primetime drama about cooking meth into a Shakespearian tragedy- one where you take a moment and realized how the entire story could’ve been different. Jesse Pinkman and Walter White were once good men, and the writers managed to get the entire viewership to cheer under-dog, manipulated, unappreciated, problem-child Jesse on until the very end. Everyone I have talked to has said that Jesse’s escape was the only way to end the show. This is true, had they killed off Jesse I think there would have been serious backlash, but we aren’t celebrating Jesse’s success. Jesse, an ultimately bad person, was imprisoned for months in slave like conditions, and the final act of the most dysfunctional duo on TV is a stand-off in which one life is saved and another life is spared. Jesse doesn’t win, he lives- and I think that is the beauty in the final episode of this epic saga. As for Heisenberg-we all knew it had to happen. And I don’t think we’ll ever know how they did it, but damn! They made us root for the most ruthless meth lord in America til the very end- and that is the reason this show is one of the best there will ever be.


But now I’ll stop my verbose opinions on the writings of Vince Gilligan and just say outright that the hour from 9-10 on Sunday was one of the most epic hours of TV I’ve ever witnessed. One of the most underrated aspects of Breaking Bad is Dave Porter and Thomas Golubic’s incredible music pairings. To round off my love affair with Breaking Bad I give you all these great audio-visuals that so perfectly tie together sweet jazz and 1960’s sing-a-longs with mass killings, prostitution, and meth-cooking.

1.“Crystal Blue Persuasion” by Tommy James & The Shondells

2. “Crapa Pelada” by Quartetto Cetra

3. “It Is Such A Good Night” by The Charlie Steinmann Orchestra & Choir.

4. “Pick Yourself Up” by Nat King Cole & George Shearing

5. “Stay On The Outside” by Whitey

6. “Windy” by The Association

7. “Enchanted” by The Platters

And can we all just be happy that this picture was taken



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