Downtempo, Trip-hop, neo-zen, acid jazz – whatever you want to call it, it is this new groove I am diggin’ and I want to share it with you

After moving in to my first apartment, living my last month as a teenager and purchasing a yoga mat, I felt that my music taste was morphing into a more sophisticated direction. With this came the pulsating, smooth rocking and intimate vibes of the trip-hop area that I have stumbled upon through my internet music exploration.

To give you a little taste of what this genre entails I have attached a youtube video of the Thievery Corporation album, “The Richest Man in Babylon”:

It is a perfect beginners starting point.

I swear the moment the “The Richest Man in Babylon” starts playing I am transported into a mod chic-hotel, candle lit with the smell of nag champa incense wafting through the blue tinted walls. The year is 1998 and I am wearing a bright blue crop tank top and platform shoes- ok distractions/ fantasies aside it definitely does maintain that 90’s feel.

I could seriously listen to this music at anytime of the day. In the morning getting ready? Smooth enough to ease the tiredness. Doing homework? Chill enough to allow my brain to function. Hanging with the bf? Sexy enough to set an intimate mood.

These performance groups that spurred in what era? (90’s come on) had such an influence on the EDM scene that permeates our pop-life nowadays. Looking for a steer away from Avici fuelled house music but still want the interweaving of technical vibes?

These are the bands/DJs/ collaborations you need to check out:Morcheeba-image


Zero 7

Massive Attack



Groove Armada

This is the lead singer of Morcheeba- chill AF

Start with those and like the fluidity of the sounds you shall be taken to the other grooves available to you.

Welcome back to Weekly Beats. We missed you.



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