New Romeo and Juliet Trailer

It’s that time again. Time to resurrect and rehash the story of the ultimate angst riddled, star–crossed couple. I’ve never really been sure why Romeo and Juliet made up the bulk of the reading for freshmen whose hormones are more out of control and scattered than  Nicolas Cage’s film career and more impressionable than one of those pin point impression frames we all used to stick our faces on when you we were kids.  But maybe it has something to do with the profoundly romantic nature of pretending to kill yourself, and then realizing you made your first love kill himself, and then really killing yourself…because nothing says “true love” like suicide in a catacomb over the pale corpse of your dead boyfriend right?

Aside from the profoundly twisted nature of this tragic “love story” I’m still extremely excited to see this film which will be directed by Carlo Carlie and starring Hailee Steinfeld as Juliet (who you probably know as the little girl from ‘True Grit’)  and Douglas Booth as Romeo (who–while incredibly attractive– you probably know from absolutely nothing since imdb lists Miley Cyris’s “film”, “LOL” as his most popular work…and dear God please tell me you didn’t actually watch that!?).  Damien Lewis (Lt. Winters for you Band of Brothers enthusiasts) will be playing Lord Capulet. The trailer looks lovely, as does the cast, but don’t take my word for it–make sure to check out the trailer for yourself. Enjoy!

-Davie L.


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