The Juice Cleanse, Exposed

Samah Dada

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live just on liquids for 5 days?

Well, I can’t say that I have. But there are people who do more than just wonder…They actually make a conscious decision to live off liquids for an extended period of time. This brings me to a point that I’d like to address. I’ve been grappling with this issue for awhile, turning it around in my head again and again, just trying to make sense of it. I’m going to be candid here. I don’t understand the phenomenon. Perhaps I never will, but I think this craze that is sweeping nation is worth discussing.

I’m talking about, you guessed it, the juice cleanse. We’ve all heard of it, how it “detoxes your system” and provides your body with desired nutrients, etc etc, so on and so on.

Uhh..excuse me? No! My theory is that our bodies are not equipped to handle this for extended periods of time.

Okay, okay, I’m sorry but if I couldn’t eat for 5 days I would head straight to my nearest In-n-out after I had painfully taken that last sip of juice. Or I’d go to Yogurtland. Not exactly leading me on the path to healthier eating habits. But that’s just me.


Perhaps I’m being a little harsh. All I’m saying is that we cannot subsist on liquid meals for days on end. We are not built for that. Hey, I respect people who decide to start juice cleanses for maybe a day, and there is evidence contending that it might actually eliminate toxins and rebalance your system as they say it does. But those who take to juice cleanses to “cleanse” their body for 14 days in the hopes of losing a few pounds? To them I say NO. Please stop. You’re making me hungry just thinking about it.

Professor of pathology and cell biology at Columbia University claims that juice cleanses actually do your body more harm than good. You actually end up flushing important electrolytes out of your body that are needed for heart function and fluid balance. “That’s why some people experience muscle weakness and mental fogginess,” he says. “Your body isn’t dirty, and juice cleanses wouldn’t “clean” it anyways.” Not only that, but health experts say that it can contribute to hair loss, dizziness, blood sugar spikes, and headaches. Maybe it’ll make you lose a few pounds but guess what? It’s only a matter of days before it comes back to haunt you.

g Glow rawtographer

Our bodies are not meant for this. We need proper nutrients, yes, but we can get these nutrients from FOOD. How about some real fruits and vegetables? Protein? Good fat? If you want to feel cleansed, it’s about making a lifestyle switch, not trying to erase a few bad days of eating with some kale juice. Permanently adding fruits and vegetables into your diet is a much more sustainable way to feel cleansed and lose weight the right way. By all means, add beet juice, green juice, and cayenne pepper lemonade into your diet, but balance it with nutritious choices and food that will make you feel cleansed for the long run, not just for a few days (and you’ll also get rid of that fatigued and light-headed feeling while you’re at it. Always a plus).

So while I will continue to believe that this “cleansed” feeling is purely psychological, I’ll go along with it and say great. You’re cleansed. But keep in mind that it is not necessarily a sustainable way to lose weight and/or convince your body that it is time to become healthy. It simply doesn’t work like that. I hate to be cliché but it really is true: Everything in moderation.

But take this all with a grain of salt and know that I’m not the juice cleansing police (though I’d make a pretty good one, I’d say). Just know that its the long-term lifestyle health changes that count, not necessarily the short term ones.

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next time!


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One response to “The Juice Cleanse, Exposed

  1. I totally agree,the juice diet doesn’t wk,tried it,got frustrated,gave up,after eating proper ,balanced food, like Samah suggests,for six mths, I am healthy, happy and in the best shape I have ever your blogs Samah, very honest and informative.God bless you.Amber

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