Consider The Source

If you are like me you just don’t walk into the kitchen and whip something up out of thin air. However today we have the internet and it happens to come with thousands of websites that have great food recipes. Here are a few good sites that you may want to consider the next time you need some guidance in the kitchen.

SAVEUR Savor a world authentic cuisine

I check out Saveur when I’m feeling a little fancy or want to appease your tastebuds. There’s always a variety of recipes from around the world ready to broaden your taste experiences.


Yahoo’s lifestyle site shine is a solid website with tips and good recipes for the everyday person. They provide practical recipes with a twist plus cool food advice.


Allrecipes is a one stop shop kind of website. If you are having a dinner for friends you can go to allrecipies type in baked chicken and they will be sure to provide a handful of simple options that are almost fool proof.

And I can’t forget about the vegetarians and vegans. Veg Web is like and allrecipes site for vegans. They have a variety of recipes to avoid the same old quinoa salad and tofu.



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