Thor is back in all his lustrous L’oreal model glory!!!. But there’s a twist, because there’s always a twist, he’s joining forces with Skrillex…I mean…Loki to fight the encroaching darkness of evil that threatens humanity and all that is good.









More specifically this film will focus on  Thor’s hair as it uses it’s vitamin enriched sheen to beat back the shadow of evil that is cast by an ancient race of Dark Elves that are led by the vengeful Malekith (who vaguely resembles the love child of Celeborn and Two Face).








( Paternity test?)


The film was directed by Alan Taylor and is guaranteed to be incredible because it has the word “dark” in the title, which is the magic term that Hollywood believes propels all films into new levels of awesomeness beginning with: “The Dark Knight”, “The Dark Knight Rises”, “Star Trek: Into Darkness”, and finally “Thor: The Dark world.” Or maybe production companies have never been introduced to a thesaurus before. Either way, check out this action packed Trailer!!!!!!!!


author: Davie L.


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