Disconnect- A Weekly Beats Combo Pack

I currently watched the movie Disconnect and decided to make a combo blog: Music and film! I first want to discuss my feelings about the movie Disconnect starring Jason Batemen, Alexander Skarsgård and Max Thieriot amoung others. Here is the trailer:

and here are my thoughts:

The Potency is in the Relevancy.

Disconnect, a film that traces four different story lines of individuals entangled in the nuances of technology and everyday lives, was indeed a beautiful film. The cinema-graphic choices, the emotion wrought on with a soundtrack motivated by Sigur Ros songs and the realism with regards to technology’s influence fluidly combined to make this a work of art. I say that the”potency is in the relevancy” because I became so connected with each character and their use of technology. So often films and television shows place a pear instead of an apple on their computer case or create another social media site that is used as a synonym for Facebook. But I can’t relate with that. I related with this film because I understood what it was like to pick up the phone and use Google maps for an address as the reporter Nina Dunham did in the movie; I understood what it was like to Facebook message and the cyberbullying that resulted from being a teenager on that certain social media sites; placing your credit card number constantly on the web. This is where my trust in the movie was built.

Now the resultant drama in conjunction with the title may be a motivation to cool it with the technology. My friend after the screening turned to me and said ” Agh that made me want to never go on Facebook again.”But I disagree. This movie didn’t move me to stray from technology, to “disconnect.”I think that may have been its flaw. Instead the movie told the classic tales of familial, romantic and financial issues that have been around through ages, just through the medium of the most relevant technology.

The movie succeeded though in presenting two sides of every story. There was no bad guy. This is hard especially within our extremely open and media dominated society where the one view we are presented with,  gets easily disseminated and automatically understood. We live in a society where we assume that bullying is the result of shitty parenting, where any of the more “riskay” occupational choices ( as we see with the Kyle character as an internet porn star) automatically mean an oppressive life, where we are too afraid to admit our flaws and thus distract ourselves within the realm of the web. “Disconnect” opens our eyes to the other side of the coin.

It  also maintained a great music soundtrack. Hollah@ Sigur Ros who’s music plays a major role in this film and who I recently saw at Coachella. Enjoy a few of my favorite tunes by them:

Hoppipolla – Sigur Ros

Sigur Ros “Untitled 3”

and one of my favorites




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