CalTVE: Hangs out with Jericho

Jericho is one of UC Berkeley’s improv groups and one of the most dedicated ones too. The Jerichos, as they like to call themselves, share a unique kind of passion when it comes to improv comedy and it come across through their performance and comradery.

Every two weeks the comedy improv troupe puts together a show on campus, sometimes they even switch it up with special guests, this time we caught them collaborating with returning Cal Alumni.

Diana and Arianna ready behind the scenes before Jericho.

Diana and Arianna ready behind the scenes before Jericho.

The energy was off the charts as when we entered Moffit 101, before we were able to set up cameras, we learn that the members of Jericho have some private warm-up time to juice up for the crowd, clearly they take their performances very seriously but  once the show starts the airs fills with silliness, laughter and cheap good time as entrance fee is only $2 dollars.

This is one of those groups on campus all bears need to take advantage of, whether that be auditioning or as audience member, there’s only so many places after college where you can creatively explore your improv skills and meet amazing people all at the same time! .

Check out our video with Jericho and for more info on them you can go to:

-Diana Vergara


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