A Parent’s Guide to Cal Day: What To Expect (April 20th edition)

Cal Day can be a fun and exciting day for prospective students here at Berkeley. But for parents it can be a little scary! Make sure you go in with an open mind and with these guidelines!

1. If your child is interested in the philosophy major, tell them to ditch the long lines at the advising office, and hit up Memorial Glade, to hear from some local philosophers. Their ideas are totally rad, man. Actually, if your child is interested in the philosophy major, check out Robert Reich’s speech, “Poverty and Unemployment in America”.

2. Be sure you make it over to VLSB to see our Botany students. Sometimes, we can see them sharing different plant specimens with one another!

3. Hit up the student bake sales on campus! The Berkeley Brownie is a crowd favorite

4. Don’t be alarmed if you see smoke clouds settling above campus, it is a Berkeley tradition to burn incense… everywhere…like, a lot.

5. You may have heard of the Berkeley squirrels, but I bet you haven’t heard of the Berkeley skunks! We have a high population here on campus, though one has yet to be spotted.

6. Try to avoid long lines at King Pin, Top Dog, and most snack food establishments.

7. Go listen to Prof. Filippenko talk about the universe, man.

8. When going from event to event, make sure to keep track of time! It’s easy to think you’ve only been on campus for ten minutes, but really, five whole hours have gone by! Dude, where’s your car?

Have fun!


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