What is it happening again? Already? I’m stoked. As a 6 year vet, every year is different than the last. Its changed a lot a lot since my little freshman ( in high school) self strutted the polo fields, watching Vampire Weekend early on in the afternoon and only seeing one friend of mine since my other friends believed that Coachella was a restaurant rather than a music festival. As the years went on, Coachella morphed into one huge celebration, one that didn’t know if it was a rave or an indie rock show – yet it was still the best weekend you looked forward to all year. Now, with its two weekend separation and immediately sold out ticket sales – I don’t know how I feel about it. It just isn’t the same. But hey it is still a great freakin time if you do it right. And OH WAIT HOW DO YOU DO IT RIGHT YOU ASK ME? Well my friends, I am hooking you up with my very own “coachooser” the bands that you should be seeing:



And while you @ it, check out some of the music from some of the bands I will be seeing


Peace and blessing

Arianna Jukes


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