I’d say ’42’ gets a 10

I’ve never been a baseball fan. I’m not from California, let alone the bay, so the Giant’s have never been something for me to follow. My knowledge of baseball stops at high school gym class and The Sandlot. But I do like good movies. Last night I got to go to a special screening of 42, the biographical story of Jackie Robinson, the first African-American player in the MLB, set to release April 12, and it was fantastic.

Let’s set the scene for a second. Pretty much everyone in this giant movie theatre was there for a reason. You could tell they were either very interested for the historical and racial component, or they were under the age of 16, male, and wearing a baseball uniform. But I was there as someone who really only knew the title- 42 after Robinson’s number, the only number in baseball to be retired- and thus didn’t fall into either of these categories. But even then the movie was funny, inspiring, and moving.


The casting director did an interesting job, choosing an assortment of actors who all have a fair amount of experience, but few big names. Harrison Ford is almost unrecognizable as the old, mild-mannered (and dare I say surprisingly larger built), team owner, and other actors such as George from Grey’s Anatomy, Dr. Cox from Scrubs, and Ryan Merriman, the early 2000’s Disney channel heart-throb (think, Smart House, The 13th Year, and Luck of the Irish, cause I know you’ve seen ’em) all made appearances.

Although running just over two hours, it does get a little long, but its a powerful and uplifting movie for anyone.

Go grab so peanuts and cracker jacks and hit the theatre starting April 12th to check it out!



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