CALTVE: Funny Interview with Mila Kunis.

This day was probably one of the most amazing moments in the short life of Scott Mills, a young college kid who interns for a radio station in the UK,  his  supervisor decided it would be funny to have him interview Mila Kunis and so he did.

milaThe combination was obviously meant to be a cruel recipe for disaster because he’s pretty much in love with her but luckily for us, the interview also turned out to be hilarious. Mills could not bring himself to ask her anything related to the Alice in Wonderland, the main topic of conversation was Scott’s very unappealing drinking adventures and the endless bragging rights this moment granted him amongst his friends.

This is what really proves that Mila is pretty fucking cool, at some point her publicist intervened and told her to talk about the movie, like a rebellious stepchild she rolled her eyes proceeded to blurb out a summary about her experience in the film while she predicted the typical set of questions a real entertainment reporter would ask.

What I love about this interview is that we get to see a side of her she never really shows; this is the perfect example of something that could of been really awful but turned out really well!  In my opinion her best interview so far, but don’t let me influence you check it out all on your own right here.

Go Mills, hopefully you got lots of beer and girls out of this!

Diana Vergara.


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