The Place Beyond the Pines is a story exquisitely delivered on film. It must be the first time in a  long time since I sat in a movie theatre for three hours without thinking of anything else, I found myself crying, smiling and thinking about the beauties and tragedies of life.

It’s the kind of film that reminds you of what a true piece of art really looks like.  Performances by Ryan Gosling, Evan Mendes and Bradley Cooper were beautifully delivered. Many of you might think I’m insane but I’ve never been crazy about these three actors, though I must confess after this film I really came to fall in love with their work.

Director Derek Cianfrance begins to establish himself as a brilliant director, this film really comes to reinforce his honest and genuine film making style, in this film he manages to turn the ordinary life of a criminal into a love story.

If you liked Blue Valentine you will adore this film; if you did not like Blue Valentine, you will still love this film. It is truly is an eye opening and riveting film, a must see, a beauty.

Diana Vegara

PS: check our recent interview with director Derek Cianfrance!


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