So I know CalTVE loves its food and music, but today I’m feeling like getting in touch with our roots. Berkeley’s roots that is. We go to this great school, but it’s so easy to get sucked in, and to put our blinders on and all we see ahead of us is hours of homework, studying, and facebook stalking.

Sometimes someone needs to sit us down and remind us that we go to one of the best schools IN THE WORLD and we have opportunities just waiting for us to notice. So, as everyone knows, Cal Day is coming up on April 20th (smooth move, regents), and I know everyone celebrates this day a little differently, and if it’s your first one you’re in for a pretty cool experience, but everyone should try to check out TEDxBerkeley.

I remember in high school watching my first TED Talk and thinking, ‘wowza, this is so cool’, and then watching eight more and thinking how enriched I felt. And then I found out that tickets to TED Talks probably run around $3,000. So, just to remind you again, we go to Cal and we are surrounded by greatness. So much greatness that TED talks are coming to Berkeley for THIRTY DOLLAR$. Zellerbach hall is going to be full from 10am-5pm on April 20th with world class minds, talking about award winning ideas, concepts, books, scientific breakthroughs, and upcoming research. These are experts in their field who are here to bestow EVEN MORE KNOWLEDGE ONTO US. So no, this is not the typical entertainment piece, but it sure as hell will be entertaining. Berkeley favorites like Astronomer Alex Filippenko (or should I dare say, Alex Fili-DANK-o?? seriously, this man is awesome) , and world-renowned Forbe’s listers like Eden Full and Chris Anderson will all be speaking.

I strongly advise all of you to check it out. We truly go to a fascinating school with so much available to us, it’s humbling. Buy tickets here http://tedxberkeley2013.eventbrite.com/#


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