Spring Break again with Spring Breakers

So Spring break is really over now and it’s back to the daily grind of Cal life.

That’s okay though because you can go down to Shattuck Cinemas anytime and see the movie Spring Breakers!


If you like drugs, sex and violence it’s the perfect movie!

If you don’t like watching those three things this definitely isn’t the movie for you, because that’s going on through out the entire film. It IS Spring break after all.

Spring Breakers is about 4 girls (above) who are bored with college life and just really want to get fucked up in Florida over Spring break. SO, they rob people with squirt guns, eventually get in with the wrong people and shoot a lot of real guns. It’s fun!

Also, if you happen to really like Britney Spears theres a short interlude with the girls and James Franco.


James Franco plays Alien, a guy with a lot of drugs, a lot of guns and a lot of semi-creepy voiceovers.

The girls and James Franco get into some trouble together and upset Gucci Mane, a crime kingpin. They have to take him out!


So if you already miss Spring break and want to relive it, that will happen in the first five minutes of the film when director Harmony Korine shows some college kids getting wild on the beach, then shit gets real.


Go see Spring Breakers!

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