The Royal Family performs Hip Hop

Davielle Boon

CalTV Entertainment

No, I’m not talking about the tea and crumpets shenanigans of William and Kate. The Royal Family I am referring to is led by none other than the New Zealander hip hop Queen, Parris Goebel, with her overwhelming supernova explosion of “Swagger”, yes, SWAGGGER. It’s often hard to find good quality dance videos in the youtube cesspool that is over flowing with recordings of over zealous, preteen dance teamers recklessly throwing their awkward scrawny limbs around and referring to this sudden and frightening convulsive display as “dancing.” Goebel’s videos are the diamonds in the ruff of video surfing. Not only is it impossible to tear your eyes from Goebel’s precise, unique, and captivating choreography, but the recordings were made in a youtube viewer friendly manner so the cinematography reflects the movement of the dancers and makes you feel like your actually in the room with them rather than watching some 2-D performance filmed from the back of a crowded auditorium the lightings not great but the angles and energy of the movement make up for it. Goebel is the main choreographer for Jennifer Lopez’s Dance Again World Tour, ReQuest dance Crew, Cirque du Soleil’s 2013 tribute show to Michael Jackson, and has appeared on Dancing With the Stars. I’d keep talking about how fun her videos are but I’ll let her work speak for itself!

This Rant was brought to you by Davielle Boon.


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