Poppin’ the Music Tags around The Bay

Although midterm season is anything but music to my ears, the bay area’s coming attraction definitely is. Have you seen the line-ups at coming music festivals, the Greek, and the Fox lately?? It’s INSANE!

And I’m not just talkin’ music. The Bottlerock music festival in Napa Valley (May 9-12…right before finals week) is featuring some big comedians like Jim Gaffigan, Demetri Martin, and Kristen Schaal (Mel from Flight of the Conchords, anyone?) and so many more Comedy Central favorites. Pair that with the flowing wine, and how could that not be the best time?

And of course big names like America’s new poster boy for poppin’ tagz, Macklemore and his sidekick Ryan Lewis will be there, along side some 90’s favorites like Jane’s Addiction and Primus. Seriously, what a combo.


And then we move on a little more south. Let’s take it to Monterey for the California Roots Music and Arts Festival where it gets a little more bro, and little bit more granola is added. Big favorites like Mystic Roots, Slightly Stoopid, Matisyahu, and Dirty Heads will all be present at this 3 day fest (May 24-26th). So after finals definitely head on over to Monterey and let your hair down…and then proceed to not wash it for a week and you’ll fit right in. Rock on, man.

Not only the music fests will be sick this Spring, but check out the local lineups around Berkeley. Starting with my high school’s favorite band; Umphrey’s McGee kicks it off tomorrow at the Fox at 7:30, tickets still on sale. I can’t think of a better way to end this week (am I the only one who feels like this week has lasted a month?). But don’t forget to look out for Modest Mouse (Apr 10-Fox), 2 Chainz (Apr 12- Fox), Green Day (Apr 16-Greek), Sigur Ros (Apr 15-Fox), Vampire Weekend (Apr 17-Fox), Metric (Apr 18-Fox), Lumineers (Apr 19- Greek). Guys…THIS IS ALL IN APRIL. So check it out cause the music scene these days is POPPIN (tags?).

Sing songs, and plant seeds (at Roots?)



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