CALTVE: Jersey Boys in San Francisco Review

jersey boys

Jersey Boys in San Francisco

Charm, suits, and an air to the sixties invaded the Curran Theater in San Francisco on Tuesday night. The Tony Award winning musical,  “Jersey Boys” is back home where it started its first national tour after six years of traveling the world.

With the perfect combination of broadway glamour and documentary theater the live performance embodies the story behind the making and splitting of The Four Seasons, a popular 60’s boy band .

John Gardiner plays Tommy DeVito and delivers an outstanding performance.  Gardiner portrays Tommy’s bad boy rep with charm and grace while  exploring the musicians troubled reality as a super star from Jersey.

Nick Cosgrove rightfully cast as Frankie Valli, successfully portrays the youth and innocence of a teenage Frankie as he transitions into a big star. The actor surpasses his natural youngish look as he fruitfully transforms into an older Frakie Valli.

Tommaso Antico did an excellent job as an understudy, he replaced regular actor Miles Jacoby in the character of Bob Gaudio,  not one beat missed.

The world-wide famous piece is proof that recognition doesn’t come free; more often than not popularity is gained for a reason. Look forward to an exquisite splash to the past, the charm of four Jersey Boys and the thrill of timeless live music! A must see! 

Find CalTVE’s our pre-show interview with the Jersey Boys right here 

Diana Vergara

Find info and tickets here:


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