By Arianna Jukes

Ever find yourself sitting at home with nothing to do, all your homework and studying done, with the week off of work and no dire inconveniences of life bothering you? Of course not! You are a college student, or just a person in the real world and never again will you experience that freedom. Sorry. But there is good news! For all you music lovin’ procrastinators, I have found the perfect website for you. Its called Music Video Genome and is basically the Pandora of music videos. Just type in your fav artist and voila! You can now lust over Lana Del Ray and her druggie damsel in distress, old biker gang humping ways or pity over Rihanna’s new single “Stay.” It’s all good in the hood baby baby, have fun and make sure you don’t fail finals.

And while you are at it, check out these awesome Songza playlists I found.

1.) Your Own Wes Anderson Film – Because who doesn’t wish they were Bill Murray

2.) Retro Indie Rock– Bringing it back to the roots

3.) Early Delta Blues- Bringing it even farther back to its roots

Peace and Blessings



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