Britney’s Little Sis Jamie Lynn gets engaged!

Britney’s little sister is engaged!

On Saturday Jamie Lynn, 21, posted a photo on Instagram, as she showed off her new bling with her now fiancé Jamie Watson, 30, with the caption “Guessss What??????”


Watson is interestingly not involved in the entertainment business but owns a business of his own in New Orleans.

As we all might know Jamie Lynn got pregnant at age 17 and since broken it off with the father of her four year old daughter.

ImageUnlike Britney who is going through a recent break up, things seems to be looking up for Jamie, who is now working on her new country music career; she’s been recently splitting her time between Nashville and her native Kentwood. Britney doesn’t seem to be bitter though, she posted a status on Facebook Sunday night Congratulating her little sis on the news!


 A country career could be a smart move for Jamie since her Nickelodeon/Pop Star career went on a downward spiral after her teenage pregnancy I say watch out Taylor Swift this girl might be the new “more like pop country music” star!

Either way, we wish luck to the Spears family and hope this union works out!

Diana (D) Vergara.


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