GAME OF THRONES: Season 3 is coming!

For all you fantasy enthusiasts out there–yes I’m talking to you, you dashing individuals with impeccable taste– HBO’s series Game of Thrones (based on George R. R. Martin’s BRILLIANT series Song of Ice and Fire) will be airing it’s third season on March 31th, 2013. What does this mean? Prepare your inhalers and Cosplay costumes NOW because winter is over and the spring is coming, along with the largest Nerd-gasm you’ve had yet! Here’s the trailer for Season 3. For those of you who are unsure of whether or not to watch this series, or have never heard of it because you live under a dismal Fantastically-impared Rock somewhere in the Himalayas, this series is UH-MAZING and has a bit of something for everyone. This includes: fight scenes, medieval weapons, dire wolves, Hot Naked Women, Bad-A@# midgets, White Walkers (zombies), HOT NAKED WOMEN, incest, Murder, betrayal, love, and more. And if that’s not enough to reel you, please preview this trailer and note the presence of dragons……..DRAGONS FOR GODS SAKE!!!!! Enjoy 🙂

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