Noise Pop in SF

From February 26th to March 3rd Noise Pop festival is invading San Francisco.

The 21 year old music, film and art festival has a pretty awesome lineup of musicians and artists for a diverse crowd of festival goers. Most of the events are 21+, but some aren’t!

Different venues all over SF will house performers, bands and dj’s on these festival nights. Anyone interested in finding nightlife in SF should definitely check out some of the upcoming shows.


February 28th at DNA Lounge All Ages

Check this show out and see 17 year old dj XXYYXX put on a sweet set. TEEBS will definitely bring the good vibes with his opening dj set.

Scene Unseen: Free Show with Washed Out, Toro Y Moi and Young Magic


MARCH 1 at The Independent

If you don’t have tickets to this already it’s sold out! But if you do this is a free show with some pretty cool acts so it should be a great night.


MARCH 3rd at Slim’s All Ages


Yacht is really strange and also really amazing. The blonde duo puts on the type of performance you would expect at a cult meeting, but people are dancing and it’s not scary. Go see them!

Listen to some of the music featured at Noise Pop Festival below!



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