CALTVE: Oakland Goes Burlesque!

This passed Saturday I somehow ended up at a Burlesque show. Do these even exist still? Yea, I asked myself that same question.


As my group of girlfriends took me to a small venue in Oakland I must admit I was thinking a salsa night would have been more exciting but I was there so I grabbed a drink with my girls and patiently waited for the show to start.

The burlesque show starts at midnight, the first performer comes out and boom! I am immediately interested. I was all in, the glitter and the pasties had me captivated.

The rest of the show only got better and better!  One by one a series of performers did solo numbers. Women with all body shapes were performing  stripteases with the style of the 1920’s. No shame allowed.

The women who were in the show impressed me from head to toe, this show was entertaining, low budget, and small but by far the most empowering show I have ever seen and definitely one of my best show experiences in 2013.

Heavy set women stripping down to small pasties (no nudity), speaking of rated R subjects, it was beautiful. Women of all types got to be who they wanted fearlessly and fiercely.

The show takes place in The New Theatre in Oakland,  I highly recommend!

Trust me when I say this small time Burlesque show is bringing glitter back to the Bay!

Diana Vergara


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