Eating Clean this Holiday Season: Spotlight on ThisFitChick

Samah Dada

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Though this blog focuses mainly on all types of food, I’ve also had a lot of fun finding ways for you all to incorporate healthy options into your daily lives. On that same note, I caught up with a very good friend of mine this week, Carrie McMahon, who is a personal trainer at the University of Southern California’s Lyon Fitness center as well as a writer for her fitness blog This Fit Chick.

Both in her blogs and her lifestyle, Carrie puts an emphasis not only on exercising habitually, but also on clean eating. “Diet makes up 70-80% of the way one looks, so it is crucial that one looks after it as part of their lifestyle,” she says. “Alongside my training regime, I keep a clean diet comprised of wholesome and fresh foods.”

While it is undeniably a difficult task to keep a clean diet with the stress and unhealthy food that surrounds college life, it is by no means impossible. Carrie truly embodies a college student who knows that if you put healthful things into your body, you feel good and look even better.

Okay, that’s all pretty easy to preach, but how do you get it done? Everyone knows that eating “healthy” and working out keeps us fit and happy, but what does eating “healthy” actually mean?

You might think that packaged sandwiches and salads are actually healthy, but you never know what manufacturers put into their products. Carrie cautions us to stay away from packaged food and cook your food as frequently as possible! This is great because you know exactly what you’re eating, and how much of it, because you’re making it.

Carrie gave me a glimpse into a day of her clean eating, which she explains contains a variety of proteins, vegetables, and good fat sources. Check it out and try some of these easy and clean eats for yourself!

Meal 1:

Protein, Fat and Vegetables:

“Here I ate 5 scrambled egg whites, 1 whole egg, 2 tsp coconut oil and a bowl of veggie salad.”

Meal 2 (Post-workout):

Protein, Complex carb, Vegetables:

“I ate grilled vegetables and steak with an apple on the side. It is important to get a carb source other than just vegetables post workout to spike insulin and replenish your glycogen stores. This will dramatically increase your recovery rate and help you for your next workouts.”

 Meal 3:

Protein, Fat and Vegetables:

“Here I ate vegetable salad with salmon, which is a source of not only protein, but also healthy fat.”

Meal 4:

Protein, Fat and Vegetables:

“In this example, I ate vegetables with chicken and walnuts.”

Meal 5:

Protein, Fat and Vegetables, or Double protein and Vegetables:

“I always make sure to get a slow digesting protein source before bed so alongside my supplements for proper muscle repair and recovery after a hard day at the gym! In this example I ate Double Protein and Vegetables consisting of an egg white omelet, casein protein powder (slow digesting protein powder) and salad.”

Though eating healthy and “clean” is fantastic for you, Carrie explains that “it is also important to have a treat every once in a while, my favorite being Cookie Dough Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory!”

Especially this holiday season, where cookies, cakes, and peppermint hot chocolates abound, it is important to remember that healthy eating will give you more energy, keep you feeling fresh, and prolong your life.

For more information on Carrie and her healthy lifestyle, check out her blog Carrie also promotes her self-designed fitness programs, which you can find at her website

Eat clean and be merry [and healthy] this holiday season!

xx Samah


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