DJ Pop: Why I Love Ke$ha

That dirty, autotuned, party animal named Ke$ha is finally back on the pop music landscape after a short absence with the release of her forthcoming album, “Warrior.” Though it hasn’t really been long since she’s been MIA, I feel like her return has fulfilled some void she left in my pop music sweet tooth that only she seems to be able to fill.

Yes, Ke$ha isn’t necessarily that unique or different in comparison to much of the mainstream/Top 40 tunes that we hear on repeat on the radio, but she stands out more so for her persona and image than anything else. Rihanna’s got that whole “@badgirlriri” thing going on, where she, you know, doesn’t give a f&%$ about anything and sings about sticks and stones exciting her and whatever. Katy Perry delivers standard pop tunes that go straight to #1 and are pretty general that they can appeal to a wide audience. And then there’s Ke$ha.

When this chick came on the scene with “TiK ToK” I wasn’t a huge fan. I pretty much thought what most people did: bad vocals, generic music, superficial lyrics and image, and the list goes on. After listening to her more, I began to embrace her and actually grew to really liking her. While RiRi and Katy Perry have their own niche they seem to work with, Ke$ha’s is different in the sense that it’s alternative in a very purposeful and superficial way. We all know she’s not actually doing anything groundbreaking or actually going against any trend or the mainstream, yet she seems to embrace this concept and tell the world she’s in on the joke. Her image is frivolous and carefree, and rather than wanting you to take her seriously she wants you to enjoy, dance, get buckwILD and have a good time. I can hang with that.

If you need any clear evidence to this, check out her latest video for her newest single, “Die Young.” Every teenager these days talks about the “Illuminati” as some weird, secret cult that’s sending subtle/hidden messages to the masses through hidden imagery and who knows what else. I personally don’t really get what this whole concept is, but I’m like 100000% sure it’s all bogus. But, embracing previous accusations that she’s a part of this mass brainwashing cult, Ke$ha features various images and messages in her latest vid unabashedly. She could be giving out a shoutout to all of those rumors and trying to proliferate them even more, or she could be doing it as a way to confront those fans/critics and throw them into wilder confusion. Either way, she earns my respect even more by doing such a bold move.

“Die Young” again doesn’t diverge much in terms of musical achievements, but it’s purely, strictly and 100% Ke$ha. Those rap/sung verses, the insanely catchy choruses and hooks, the dizzying colors and glitter everywhere! Ke$ha represents everything that is great about great pop music and on top of it, she too doesn’t give a f#%@, but in a more youthful embodiment of being carefree and happy, not in that weird, sadistic, self-harming way Rihanna seems to be preaching.

By: Jose Vera


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