Fashion Police on Patrol!!

I’m no Joan Rivers but we do share one thing in common, we are both fashion police, I am at least for the duration of this blog while Rivers is the resident lieutenant on E Channels Fashion Police. Last night the 40th American Music Awards went down in Los Angeles.  The music awards celebrated the shining stars of the music industry naming Justin Bieber favorite artist of the year and Taylor Swift favorite female country artist for the fifth year in a row.  That’s great that the artist received the awards they deserved but six months from now I will forget what artist got what but I will remember my pick for best dressed and worst dressed.  So lets get to it and find the good, the bad and the ugly of the 2012 American Music Awards Red Carpet!

Lets start with the bad…

For some reason I always get the impression that musicians don’t have the most sound sense of style. They always seem to flaunt the wrong things in the wrongs ways all while “expressing their creativity” through their fashion sense.

Exhibit A: leaving us asking will you explain?! Someone help me makes sense of this! I get that Mr. is a very eclectic and futuristic kind of artist but I wish he could center his futuristic mindset to execute a cohesive look. Last night he looked like a cross between an insect creature and Kanye West. All the head ware left him resembling a strange fly that you might see in your nightmares, as his outfit was just downright weird. I love the coat on its own but with the skinnies and thick gold chain made the ensemble was so un-cohesive!

Now that we have the bad behind us lets go to good, in fact lets take it to really good. Chic, unique, classic, simple, sexy, cool and all of that! Sums up Gwen Stefani’s look. Sticking to white and black with a simple pump and black blazer embedded with white jewels, there’s no doubt that Stefani was effortlessly one of the best dressed of the night.

Not only did the award for favorite female country artist go to Taylor Swift but she also snagged the best dressed award by a landslide. All eyes on golden goddess Taylor Swift! Swift looked breathtakingly elegant in a golden accented mini and I will leave it at that as her ensemble says it all…she embodied the epitome of what it means to be simply stunning.

Left:, Center: Gwen Stefani, Right: Taylor Swift
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-Beth Shephard


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