Neveready killin’ it, as usual…..Berkeley 11/2 and 3

By Arianna b. Jukes

Typical typical, San Diego Ska Funk band causes an aproar at the UC Berkeley campus. Kids gyrating, girls screaming, college students actually enjoying a Sproul show performance? WHAT IS THIS DEVILTRY?

Well it’s Neveready, and they’re fuckin’ awesome.

It’s a rare event when you find a group of kids that are not only immensely talented, but know how to put on a damn good show. Neveready made their way up to UC Berkeley two weeks ago, and played show after show — from sproul plaza to frat house to coop, never once did this band lose energy. Trust me, I was there for three of those shows, each one as high energy and engaging as the last.

This is because Neveready has just the right mixture. The right amount of blonde boy pizazz and frontman vocals courtesy of Christian Clark; just enough head boppin long haired bass playing by Jay Sanchioli; an incredible combo of wind players with Patrick Hallahan (Tenor Sax), Kody Knode (Trumpet), Adam Vickers (Tromboner) and Mike Hom ( Tenor Sax) absolutely livin’ it as they perform; and the perfect amount  ofslick haired, bad assery on behalf of the drummer, Declan Halloran.

They are fun, they are crazy, they are insanely talented. Though only in college, the band holds the maturity of a group touring since the 50’s. Not only did they engage the audience by hosting a drum competition but their choice a music venue reflected the bands craziness. Words can’t describe how cool I felt, watching the band play on the rooftop of DX, while visiting washington fans took photos as the band performed. On top of it all, each member connects with the other — there is no awkward competition for the spotlight. They all shine because they are an extremely cohesive band.

If you are ever in Socal, this is a definite must see. Neveready ‘s music welds 80’s ska rock with a soulful intensity that by default ensures a good time.

See for yourself, they are awesome.







Never Never by SBTRKT

Only Waiting by the Traveling Band

In Ear Park by Department Of Eagles

Eyes Wider Than Before by Scott Matthews

Ruin by Cat Power

Take Us Alive by the others

Icarus by White Hinterland

Gold by Wake Owl

Gun Shy by Widowspeak

Gigantic by the Pixies


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