DJ Pop: Twilight, Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 Review

Twihards across the country are getting ready to attend hundreds of showings of the latest installment in the wildly successful Twilight series, Breaking Dawn Part 2. Last night I had the chance to attend an advanced screening of the highly-anticipated film and for the most part, as I am with Twilight in general, I was pretty indifferent.

Back in ’08 when the first film was released I decided to check out what the big fuss was about and read the first three books. I also watched the first three films as they were released throughout the years. Twilight is the one exception where the movies are actually better than the books. And even so, the movies are pretty tepid (can you tell I’m not a fan?).

I really don’t mind the first two movies and books, in the sense that they were just temporarily entertaining/bearable. Whatever it was that I read and watched in “Twilight” and “New Moon” wasn’t so bad that I had to quit reading/watching, but also not great that I can even recall what happened in them just a few years later since. By the time I got to the third book and movie, “Eclipse,” I realized I had ENOUGH and that there was no way I’d ever be able to get into this series.

Going into Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 felt like standing at the bottom of Mount Everest and realizing how daunting and strenuous the climb you’re about to embark on is going to be. I didn’t watch Pt. 1 for the same reason that I just don’t like the “Twilight Saga,” so as I watched the trailer for Pt. 2 a few nights ago the thought cemented itself in my head that, Yes, I actually am going to once again have to put up with Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson’s cheesy lines, Stephanie Meyer’s uninspired story and plot and, THE SAVING GRACE at the end of the dark tunnel, Taylor Lautner’s hunky hot self. At least that’s something I can put up with.

Seeing (or not) that I didn’t see the first part to this film, I am not completely qualified to give a flawless review about Pt. 2, but I will say that I had explained to me by various people what I missed in that installment. So that going into the film, I knew what had just happened and what was eventually going to happen before my eyes. Or so I thought.

Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 has its share of shocks and surprises that even readers of the fourth book will NOT be anticipating. Honestly, the climax to the film was probably the most entertained/engaged any of the films have ever made me. But I’ll rewind a little and start more towards the beginning. As we all know, Bella and Edward have given birth to a new human/vampire hybrid child at the end of Pt. 1, and this film picks up from there and showcases Bella’s new life as a converted vampire (sparkly skin and bloodthirst included). Jacob as well plays an interesting role in the new family’s relationship, and one that is actually pulled off pretty well in my opinion.

What I liked most about this film was that the plot was quick to start and overall the film didn’t feel long or dragged. The central conflict arises because of Bella and Edward’s daughter, and the implications her existence has on established vampire laws. The Volturi, the vampire league in charge of overseeing vampire laws, finds fault with the girl’s creation/birth, so that an ‘epic’ battle ensues between the Cullens and The Volturi.

The buildup leading to the confrontation between the two vampire groups is very effective, and definitely left me in a state of suspense and anticipation. By the time the big moment arrives you are definitely feeling on the edge of your seat. And certainly a lot of action ensues that is both unexpected but also highly satisfying. BD2 does a good job of wrapping up this whirlwind of a series that seems to be disappearing (after this film) just as quickly as it popped up into the pop culture consciousness. The final adieu to Bella, Edward, Jacob and everyone else seems to be done as well as it can be in Twilight standards. And overall, the film has its share of laughs, drama and decent acting that definitely made the experience of watching it one that I didn’t regret, but actually enjoyed. My friend who I went to see the film with and I found ourselves discussing the movie after it was over for a good chunk of time, and even this morning as we sat eating breakfast we were having some serious Twilight discussion. I guess that proves that no matter how much one may hate Twilight, be indifferent to it, or identify themselves as Team Edward or Team Jacob for life, there is no denying the influence this vampire/werewolf/love story has had on all of us.

– Jose Vera


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