Dear Gossip Girl– Get me out of here.

Gossip Girl this week was, as usual, a bit of a trainwreck. Horrifyingly, I can’t stop watching it. It’s bad TV crack and I come back for my fix every week.

With Georgina using Dan to further herself, all I can think is that is shows the lack of character growth that both of  them have experiences since the season 3 baby incident. I’m over it. Really. Just leave permanently. I will give props to the actress, as she makes me hate her and find her irritating even in her other work, but I’m just sick of her bullshit and everyone else’s perpetual blindness to what predictable thing she might do next.

Ivy Dickens is another offender.  I don’t understand the draw of her character, and why she continues to weave in and out of storylines without leaving. It feels rather like Jenny Humphrey’s irritating spiral out of the spotlight. I’m sick of Ivy, and she’s pushing my buttons especially with her new relationship with a certain Brooklynite’s father.

Speaking of fathers—what is Serena’s (beau? Ex-beau?) thinking letting his daughter date Nate ?  And even more questionable—why can’t Nate find a happy medium between women old enough to be his mom, and a 17 year old? The fact that he’s on his third debutante ball seems like it would be the clue that he should clue in to the fact that his relationships are just as high school as his girlfriend. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised Steven isn’t taking a stand though, seeing as he dated Serena’s mom himself… Weird.

All in all, the thing that’s pushing the show at this point is Dan’s scathing exposes and the drama that ensues. My hope is that somehow, they can salvage the show in some way without me hating the writers. This would involve for me a short laundry list….

  1. Dan and Blair get back together and be cute instead of Blair being a doormat for Chuck’s abusive behavior.
  2. Georgina gets involved with Rufus. Or Vanessa comes back and gets involved with Rufus! Who knows what could happen? (Probably Gossip Girl)
  3. Nate gets into a relationship with Chuck and they live happily ever after (awww)
  4. Lily and Bart continue their weird business arrangement marriage. Whatever. Who cares.
  5. Jenny and Eric star in a show on Bravo.
  6. Serena dies. I hate her, and it’s seriously about time. Sorry Blake Lively.

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