Let the Restaurant Inspire You

Whenever I go to a restaurant, and find a dish I like, I nearly always become infatuated with it and there ends the diversity of my food choices at that particular restaurant. Every time I go back, I end up getting the same dish, and then eventually I can’t even look at it’s name on the menu.

To me, this is tragic.

The idea of not being able to stand the sight of a food that you used to be obsessed with is sad to me. It’s kind of like losing a memory that was precious to you. Foodzheimer’s, if you will.

Well, I have a solution. This should come as no surprise, but it involves getting back in the kitchen. Why don’t we just make variations of our favorite restaurant foods in our own homes?

I went to my hometown this weekend and paid a trip to one of my favorite restaurants, True Food Kitchen. I ordered a delicious Turkey Pita Yogurt Sandwich with Kale Salad on the side. This sandwich is absolutely delicious, and not too difficult to make in your own kitchen. Try it for yourself.

True Food Kitchen Inspired Wrap


Trader Joes Mediterranean Pita

Sabra Hummus or Plain Yogurt

Turkey slices



Spinach leaves



Olive oil

The Pita Sandwich

Slice grapes and cucumber slices in halves.

Spread the Mediterranean pita with hummus or yogurt (the original True Food recipe calls for yogurt, but add hummus instead for a fun twist). Add turkey. Add sliced grapes and cucumbers. Add Spinach leaves.

The Kale Salad

Toss Kale with shredded parmesan cheese and olive oil.

Eat chilled.

Not only will you save money by making restaurant inspired dishes at home, but you’ll feel a lot more accomplished. Stay tuned for more Restaurant Inspired Recipes in the future.

xx Samah


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