DJ POP: Be cool on Facebook get a grip!

As if dating wasn’t hard enough, now a days we also have to deal with Facebook AND dating.


We all have been witnesses of the back and forth bashing between couples, the brokenhearted girl who writes that two page long status every five minutes, the online stalking, that crazy girl who knows her boyfriend’s password. I mean horrors!

In reality the best way to go about Facebook, is being an adult about it! You should be very cautious with the things you do online! Facebook is a place where everyone can see everything! It’s larger than a super market or a street corner! In case you didn’t know anything posted on the internet will stay there forever and could even affect your future relationships with new prospects and be utilized against your own humiliation in the future. The worse part about

it is that a few months down the line when you are asking yourself “what the hell was I thinking by dating him/her in the first place?” you might be on a mission to delete your memories but to all your Facebook friends you will ALWAYS be that person who just couldn’t get a grip and was just simply pathetic. It’s easy to take out on anger on the internet because it gives us a sense of anonymity, we naturally have more courage to write the way we

feel then we would have to yell it down the street, however, its important to know that FB is more than just a website. Now days it’s a community you decided to take a part on and share with hundreds of people everyday. You create a persona on FB and if you’re nearly as cool as you look in your pictures you should be able to handle your privacy as well. I really mean that if you don’t want people judging you then just simply keep your personal issues to yourself.


Diana (Di) Vergara.


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