‘Rust and Bone’ and Marion Cotillard.

Stéphanie (Marion Cotillard), ‘Rust and Bone’.

Borrowing poetry from Mugatu, that Marion Cotillard is so hot right now. The French actress has already graced our screens with ‘La Vie en Rose’, ‘Inception’, ‘Big Fish’, ‘Midnight in Paris’, ‘Public Enemies’, ‘Nine’, ‘Contagion’, and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, to name a few. And we (fine, I) couldn’t adore her more. With positive responses at Cannes, Cabourg Romantic and BFI London, ‘Rust and Bone’ puts the cliché I-waited-for-you-for-seven-years-kiss-me-in-the-rain romantic melodrama (I’m looking at you, ‘The Notebook’) in its place… in a glittery box underneath my bed next to a box of Puffs tissues and waterproof mascara.

Adapted from a short story written by Craig Davidson and directed by French-Belgian filmmaker Jacques Audiard, ‘Rust and Bone’ is not another ‘Ghost’, ‘Titanic’, or ‘PS I Love You’ (Google ‘highest grossing romantic dramas’, pick any). It’s, well, Marion Cotillard. And Jacques Audiard. And French… and achingly romantic… and not Nicholas Sparks.

‘Rust and Bone’ opens November 16th.



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