“Girl Meets World”

Sound familiar? If you’ve heard rumors about “Boy Meets World” coming back to television, rest assured they are true! Well….almost.

Executive producer Michael Jacobs has begun work on a new spin-off series of our beloved ’90s childhood sitcom “Boy Meets World.” The new show is reported to air on Disney Channel and will follow the journey of Cory and Topanga’s daughter, similar to the plotline of the original show. Sources say casting has already started and the producers are eager to get a few of the original actors to resume their roles…but that part is yet to be confirmed. On Nov. 3rd, Fishel tweeted, “Just want you guys to know that @BenSavage and I have talked and we’ve decided … Thanksgiving is going to be delicious this year!” Hopefully this means producers will be able to get Ben Savage and Danielle Fisher to reprise their roles.

Both actors continued their careers in television after the show. Savage has made appearances in shows such as “Bones” and Without a Trace.” We saw Fisher act as a correspondent on “The Tyra Banks Show” and also hosting “The Dish” through 2011. Diehard fans as well as producers know this show can’t exist without these lovebirds…so cross your fingers!

Until then, keep watching those hilarious, sappy, and corny re-runs, because let’s be real, we all need a little Mr. Feeny in our lives.

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