Celebrity Trending!

If you want your clothing line to be “in” get a hot celeb to wear your line at a major event and BOOM! you’re now a huge success.Fashion’s main trendsetter have always been celebrities. Designers always flock to celebrities to give their fashions exposure and of course to help sell the product. When celebrities become aware of their tremendous marketing power they often times use their branding power to create lines of their own.

Recently  Lil Wayne built out his brand Trunkfit, a skateboard brand available in stores such as Macy’s and Zumiez. His clothes are trendy and hip for young guys who want to look cool like Wayne.

Lil Wayne in Trunkfit

And then there are stars such as Ms.Victoria Beckham, who I would call a fashion icon. She has taken her global star power and directed it into her high end line complete with not only clothing but handbags, denim, sunglasses and other accessories. A piece of clothing from her line can retail up to as high as $3,854.00!!  Thats how you cash in on your star power!

Piece from VIctoria Beckham Runway Spring 2013

As  for the rest of us, at the end of the day although we may not be mega celebrities with world-wide star power however, each of us has our close circle of family and friends and to them we have some degree of star power (well I like to think so). With that being said,
I encourage you to be your own celebrity and create, style or wear fashions that are pioneering to you. Remebeer that you dont have to be a celebrity to be a trendsetter you  just have to be you!

Beth Shephard


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