Weekly Beats November 2 ~~!!~~!!


I remember first hearing about raves in 8th grade. It was something that MAYBE your parents would let you go to when you were older, but by nature everyone thought of it as a dance filled with crazy ass Europeans strung out on Ecstasy, sweating as they fully tripped out to techno. Then when I entered high school, the rave scene was bigger than ever but still a little taboo. This is when kids rocked the whole “PLUR” thing ( Peace, Love, Unity, Respect), light shows were EVERYWHERE, people wore crazy weird boots and the atmosphere was complete love and happiness. It was a strange scene, but nonetheless fun, with the “Kandi” making and bizarre neon/metallic costumes you would try to by weeks in advance. Now don’t get me wrong, I was never a hardcore raver, I am not even into techno that much, but I went to my first rave in a while and the feel was TOTALLY different. I’m talking full bro-like club scene. As the techno djs become the epitome of pop culture, the rave scene is turned more into a night club then anything else. Hey, I mean I actually saw Martin Solveig, a famous European DJ in a famous SF night club. I mean I am sure there are those sketchy ones out in the middle of nowhere that are on a Wednesday that are still true to rave form, but I advise against those kinds most definitely. Ultimately, with all of the deaths and stampedes and age restrictions that are now opposed on the rave scene it might as well just be a night club. Like I went to Spookfest, and they weren’t allowing binkies, light gloves or anything true to rave form! Come on! What do you mean I can’t bring my teddy bear backpack? WHERE AM I GOING TO SNUGGLE IN MY DRUGS AND 3D GLASSES PEOPLE? In the end, I guess this is one of the many music transitions I will see in my lifetime. Regardless ya’ll should still try to check one out, pop some molly and give each other light shows or whatever you kids do now a days.


This vid brings about a sense of classic, funny feel good music. Nothing over the top: simple yet interesting

The Black Keys, Lucy Lu and RZA, what more do ya need?


1.) Carrying The Torch by Generationals 

2.) Fine by YU

3.) With A Girl Like You by Condo Fucks

4.) Ghostwriter by RJD2

5.) Sing Song Waitress by Sic Alps

6.) Horophones by The Love Language

7.) Ship by Thee Oh Sees




11.3 Grace Potter & The Nocturnals @ The Fox

11.6 Cat Power @ The Fox

11.7 A Place To Bury Strangers @ The Independent

11.7 Leonard Cohen @ HP Pavlion

11.8 Tilly and the Wall @ Great American Music Hall

11.9 Delta Spirit @ The Fillmore

11.10 Blitzen Trapper @ Fox


****** Arianna Jukes


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