Mass Hallucination Baby!

On October 22, 2012, up and coming rap revolutionary Kendrick Lamar released his second album. I am not a music junkie however I do like good music regardless of the genre. The album good kid m.a.a.d city,  sub-titled as a short film tells the story of young Lamar growing up in the notorious Compton, California. Instead of using his lyrics to glamorize gang life in Compton he uses his album to ameliorate upon the implications of living in a place of violence.  If you listen to Lamar’s contemplative lyrics  with an open mind you can understand the unfortunate realities that face residents of crime ridden areas, specifically Compton. His new age hip hop melodies and dense lyrics make Lamar uncomprable to any artist in the hip hop/rap genre. He makes listeners see his point of view while giving us beats that are engineered with musical ingenuity. The album features artist ranging from Drake, to Anna Wise of Sonnymoon.




Beth Shephard


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